I’m calling myself Nia.  I’m calling my husband Knox.  I’m calling my children Elspeth and Dean.  I’m calling our dog Lolita.

Those aren’t our real names, but here are some really true things:

I’m 29 years old.

I’m a stay-at-home mom.

I’m Mormon.  Knox and I were both raised in the LDS church.  He served a mission, we were married in the temple, but he’s no longer practicing.  I still attend church and have a calling, but my feelings toward the church are complicated.

On Halloween 2012 I gave birth to twins.  I was a Gestational Carrier (you were wondering when I was going to explain this blog’s title, weren’t you?).  A Gestational Carrier or Gestational Surrogate is a woman who carries a baby (or, in my case, babies) for another couple.  The babies aren’t biologically related to me in any way; their genetic material was provided by an egg donor and one of the babies’ fathers.  (If you’re curious about the process, you can check out the wikipedia article about Surrogacy.)

The couple I worked with are wonderful, enthusiastic, kind and caring people, and they are both men.  I’ll be calling them Urs and Ingmar.  We were matched through a surrogacy agency- that’s how we met.  They’ve become some of my closest friends.

My need for anonymity here relates very closely to my need for honesty.  I want to be able to record my thoughts, feelings, and experiences exactly as they happen.  Surrogacy and Mormonism are two very sensitive subjects.

Soooooo that’s about it for now!  Welcome!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. hey lady, loving this blog! I’m so excited for you and what you are doing for this couple. I hope that everything works out. I hope Knox and the kids are doing well 🙂 I love this blogging thing. Your old blog was the first one I really read (when you were abroad) and I’ve been thinking lately about how much I love to write, and facebook isn’t always the place for it. Anyways, talk to ya later …..

    • Hey! Thanks for your support! You’re my very first commenter. 🙂 I dig blogging too, especially with this blog where I’m not worried about what people will think. It’s a refreshing outlet. I’m glad you’ve discovered it too!

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