The New Normal

Hey again, world!  The surro-pregnancy has been progressing perfectly and boringly, so I haven’t felt the need to update as often as I did in the beginning.  We are 26 weeks along now, just a few days shy of the third trimester, and the babies are kicking me and each other regularly.  That’s always reassuring to feel.  I’ll have my glucose test and a growth ultrasound this coming Thursday.  It’ll be nice to see how the babies are doing and especially to find out how big they are now.

This has been a busy summer.  As a family we’ve visited Myrtle Beach, Pennsylvania, Colorado, and our own state’s coast.  Knox and I also took a trip to New York for our anniversary, and he’s been traveling a TON (pretty much Monday-Friday almost every week) for work.  Add to that our various guests: my sister, followed by Urs and Ingmar, and then Knox’s mother.  And of course the kids have had camps and swimming lessons and stuff.  I’m looking forward to next week when Dean and Elspeth start preschool and we can get into more structured days with more alone time for me.  And I’m not gonna lie, my contractual third-trimester ban on travel sounds like a great deal right now!  I have no desire to leave my city, let alone the state.

But enough of that boring updatey-type stuff.  What I really want to share is this:

IT’S A SHOW ABOUT A GESTATIONAL SURROGATE CARRYING FOR TWO DADDIES!!!!  AND ONE OF THE DADDIES IS PLAYED BY THE ORIGINAL ELDER PRICE!!!!!  To say that I am excited about and have high hopes for this show would be a gross understatement, as you can probably tell.  I’ve read a few books and seen a few movies about surrogacy, but so far they’ve all centered around traditional couples.  I can’t wait to see where this show will go.


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