The babies are great. My state sucks.


Check out Baby B’s adorable profile! (S)he is a real mover and shaker.

Twelve weeks tomorrow!  I had my first appointment with my OB last week, and it was awesome.  I didn’t know we’d be ultrasounding, but we actually did two scans!  The first was just to measure the babies and check for heartbeats, and the second was a screening for Down Syndrome.  Both babies look great on all counts.  I loved seeing them so much that day, and was really wishing I had Knox there to videotape.  But it won’t be too much longer before Urs and Ingmar get to come and see the babies (on screen) for themselves; they’re coming in June for the 18-week ultrasound, which will be happening on my birthday!  I’m so looking forward to seeing the dads and especially looking forward to seeing them see the babies for the first time.

So I’m trying to focus on all that good rather than dwelling on the atrocious amendment to our state’s constitution that appears to have passed today.  Thousands of ignorant haters heard “gay marriage” at the water cooler and went running to the polls, and now ALL civil unions will be unrecognized by the state.  I had been thinking about going public about the surrogacy next week, but now I feel like the majority of this state are closeted bigots;  I’m in no hurry to expose these babies and their fathers to all that bile.  I’m so angry about this that I need to stop typing about it and go do something else.


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