Yes, as I suspected, there are two tiny pre-babies in there!  After spending the last two weeks analyzing the hCG numbers and over-thinking every slight symptom, I would have been more surprised by a singleton.  But it is still so amazing and exciting to think that there are two (2) little buns in my cozy EasyBake Oven.  Here is the heart-melting text I got from Urs this morning after I shared the news with him and Ingmar:

“Thanks, Thanks,Thanks so much …….. My heartbeat is so High.  What a wonderfull news !!!! Two babies , i have dream It and now Its reality  . You are wonderfull, let me send you some Kisses.  Its difficult to work now . Ouahhhhhhh !!”

I get pretty verklempt reading that.  I kinda want it immortalized in cross stitch.  I love these guys, and I feel so lucky and honored to be a part of this process.  What a beautiful day this is.

Anyway, a few more details:  the babies are measuring right on schedule (6 weeks 2 days) and both had measurable heartbeats (121 and 132).  Everything is perfect so far.  We’ll check on them with another ultrasound in a couple of weeks.  In the mean time, we’ll be visiting my parents out West for Easter.  After telling my Mom about the twins this morning, I’m more excited than ever about visiting.  She sounded way more excited and supportive than I expected.  Dare I hope that she’s getting behind the surrogacy idea?


2 thoughts on “two!

  1. ingridlola says:

    That text makes my heart melt a little bit!

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