Embryo Transfer! Is! Scheduled!


Exciting happenings are happening!

On Friday Knox and I are heading up North for the embryo transfer, which is scheduled for Saturday, March 3rd!  That’s my sister’s birthday, so… good omen, right?  Send prayers/kind thoughts/fertile vibes my way because I want so so so badly for this to work.  According to my last ultrasound yesterday, my endometrium is 10.62 mm thick and looking perfectly ready for implantation.  It’ll be two fresh 3-day embryos.  I can’t wait!

This morning I had my first experience with the dreaded Progesterone in Oil shot.  As you can see, it’s a nasty scary huge needle (about 1.5 inches long) that goes deep into the booty muscle, all the way to the hilt.  It’s a good thing I’m so bootylicious because that is one long pokey sharp thing.  But actually, it wasn’t that bad.  The shot really didn’t hurt; I just have a little soreness in the muscle tonight.

Knox’s parents are coming to town to watch Elspeth and Dean while we’re away.  The trip will be the longest we’ve taken together since Elspeth was born; we won’t be returning until Monday because of the required post-procedure bed rest.  This is pretty exciting.  I’m so eager to meet Urs and Ingmar!  They’ll be there for the transfer.  We also have several friends who live in the city, so I hope my bed rest won’t be too terribly restrictive.  I’d love to get out and see people, and it will be awesome to revisit the city (Knox and I lived there when we were newlyweds).  But then, sitting in a quiet hotel room with a book or two doesn’t exactly sound bad either.  I know the kids will be happy with Knox’s parents.  Elspeth in particular ADORES my Mom-in-law.  Poor Lolita is really the only one getting a raw deal; she’ll be boarded at the vet all weekend.

Transfer day!  Hooray!  I’ve been waiting for this pivotal moment since I applied to become a Gestational Carrier five months ago.  Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “Embryo Transfer! Is! Scheduled!

  1. J-your-loving-homeslice says:

    So exciting! Have I mentioned that I am so proud of you? Because, I am 🙂 Sending all sorts of good vibes your way!

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