I’ve started my hormone regimen!  This last Wednesday was my first day, and it’s really not too bad.  In the morning and at night, I squeeze a little tummy fat and, with a tiny and extremely sharp needle, inject 10 units (a very small amount) of a clear liquid just under the skin.  It’s a good thing I don’t mind it, because I’ll be sticking myself for quite a while- for a few months into the pregnancy if the the embryo transfer is successful.  Lupron halts ovulation, and it’s how we sync up my cycle with the egg donor’s.

A few days before the transfer I’ll start another injection, Progesterone-in-Oil, which (in conjunction with an estrogen patch) thickens my endometrium (the lining of my uterus) so that the embryo(s) will be more likely to implant and grow.  Progesterone-in-Oil (or PIO, as it’s known in IVF circles) is a beast of a shot.  The needles are long and intimidating, and the viscosity of the oil makes it slow to inject.  Plus PIO has to be given intramuscularly, in the muscly part of my tuchus.  From what I’ve gathered from other surrogates (online) it sounds pretty terrible, and I’ll be taking it for a long time, too.  I’m not squeamish about needles and I generally think of myself as being pretty tough, but I’m really not looking forward to PIO.

I’ve been a little crankier on Lupron, but otherwise I feel fine.  This way of getting pregnant is so much more complicated and less fun than the traditional way!  But I keep thinking about the moment when I’ll get to hand that baby over to Urs and Ingmar, and then everything will be worth it.  The transfer is scheduled for the week of February 27th.  It can’t come soon enough for me!  I’m so happy to be getting started.  A few days ago I went out for lunch with a friend, a fellow liberal Mormon, and told her all about my being a Carrier.  She was so happy for me and supportive; she was at least as positive about everything as other nonMormons I’ve told.  She was a breath of fresh air, and a good reminder that not everyone will be hating on me for this.  I really do have some great people in my life.


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