Woooah, long time no post.  Business:

On Christmas Day I talked to Bishop Ellsbury for a minute, right after the service.  He basically recommended I continue to ponder and pray about my decision to be a surrogate.  He said he would counsel against it, but there’s nothing in the handbook to suggest that I would be subject to interference or disciplinary action from the church.  But he was still waiting to hear back from the Stake President, who was out of town for the holidays.  Last night our home teacher, who happens to be the executive secretary, made a surprise appearance along with a missionary (I guess they were on splits?) and he mentioned in passing that the bishop had wanted to talk to me on Sunday but hadn’t caught up with me.  So I have this coming Sunday to look forward to; I’m assuming he’s going to give me official word about what the Stake President had to say about all this.  I’m expecting (hoping for) disapproving but unmeddling words.

On the medical front, I received word last week that all of my test results came back and, like I said, I’m healthy as a horse!  I expected to hear today about the next steps:  whether to start birth control pills or Lupron (progesterone) injections to sync up my cycle with the egg donor’s, and when that will start happening.  I’m really tired of waiting and I hope they get back to me soon so I can start planning my life a little; Knox travels a bit for work and he needs to have an approximate idea when the transfer will be so that he can plan on coming with me to Boston.  I’m starting to learn that this whole surrogacy business involves a fair amount of waiting around.  It seems strange that I applied to the agency back in September and I STILL haven’t actually done anything to get me any closer to being pregnant.

WOW!  What a boring post!  I was going to babble on a little more about myself, but I think I’ll put that off till another day and another post (can you stand the wait?) and quit this so I can watch The Future with Knox.


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