Monthly Archives: October 2011

Sweet Anonymity

It seems a little silly, going to such great lengths in pursuit of anonymity.  I’ve invented a nom de plume, a new email address and wordpress account, and aliases for my husband and kids.  I’ve always loved names, so I’ve enjoyed renaming everyone, even (especially?) the two people I already named once, when they were born.

It’s not just a game, though.  I need this to be an honest and open space, the only one I have.  In this world of constant connection, of synching every site with every other site and the incredible ubiquity of social media, I have to be so careful.  God forbid Nia Garretson should show up on my real facebook or family blog.  She could expose my true thoughts and ideas to all the extra-sensitive judges in my life.

I don’t really care whether anyone actually reads this Carrier Confidential; I’m keeping it public in case there’s a googler out there who could find my ramblings helpful.  But I need to be sure no one will know it’s me writing it.